Tennis Activities & Events

2016 Tennis Activities

For questions, please contact Eddie Kolsky, Head Professional at the Pro Shop, 307-733-3111 ext. 3 or directly at 307-690-2552.  

Saturday Morning Workouts and Match Play

9:00-10:30 A.M. Beginning Saturday, May 28, and continuing through September 9. These workouts are designed for those who want to combine a technical clinic with competition. It is a great way to meet other players. No sign up necessary. Cost is $12 for members and $22 for non-members. There is no workout on August 13.


Wednesday Night Doubles and Dinner

Various doubles formats will be used. The dates are June 17, July 8, August 19, and September 9. Tennis is from 6 to 8 p.m. Dinner will follow at the North Grille. The cost is $25 per person for members and $35 for non-members. You do not need to sign up with a partner. The pro shop will find one for you. Please call the pro shop no later than Saturday of the particular week that you wish to play.


Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club Thursday Night League

Organized doubles play. Matches are Thursday nights at 5:30 P.M. beginning June 9 and continue through August 25. Contact Eddie if you would like to participate.


Member Appreciation Day

Saturday, August 6. The tennis center will host a clinic, doubles competition, and brunch from 9:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M. There is NO CHARGE for this event. THANK YOU MEMBERS!!


The 15th Annual Steve Winograd Memorial Diabetes Tennis Tournament

The Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club is very pleased and proud to host the valley’s premier tennis event on August 12, 13, and 14. Money raised goes to the St. John’s Medical Center Diabetes program. Please call if you would like to play, volunteer to help, or if you have any questions.

Women’s Doubles League

League will be forming in late May and early June. Call the pro shop for more information.


Hitting Partners

If you need someone to play with, contact the shop and we will try to find someone for you. If not, the tennis staff make great hitting partners. The fee for hitting with a staff member is $35.00 per hour for members, and $45.00 for non-members.


Ball Machine

An awesome new ball machine is on the way. Now we have two robots to help you improve your strokes. Free to use anytime. Call the shop to reserve.


Racquet Stringing

If your racquet does not feel quite like it used to, it is probably due for a new set of strings. They make a big difference. Think dull skis on ice.


Pro Shop

The shop is open 8 AM - 6 PM from May 30 – September 4. The shop will be open part time prior to May 30 and after September 4 through September. The shop offers Babolat racquets, strings, and other tennis accessories.  


Tail Women’s Clothing

The pro shop carries Tail women’s tennis clothing – very stylish!


Private Lessons and Clinics

Eddie Kolsky and Mike Santomauro will be available for private or group lessons for adults and kids from May 23 through September 24. To schedule a lesson with Eddie, call 690-2552, or with Mike, call 690-9762.


Jackson Hole Tennis Shop GRAND PRIX

We are starting a new program this year for juniors. The Grand Prix is an  

incentive program comprised of various tennis activities to earn points to win prizes. First prize is a new tennis racquet. Call the pro shop for more details.                                    


Junior Programs 2016

Level 1: This group is for beginners – ages 4-6.


Level 2: This group is for advanced beginner players who have had an introduction to the game, but with limited experience.


Level 3: This group is for players who have a basic knowledge of all the strokes and are beginning to rally from the baseline. They should also be able to get the serve in consistently.


Level 4: This group is for intermediate and above players with considerable experience.


All sessions are 6 lessons


Level 1:    Mondays and Wednesdays



               Session 1:  June 13 – June 29

               Session 2:  Jusly 11 – July 27

               Session 3   August 8 – August 24


Level 2:   Mondays and Wednesdays

               2:00 – 3:00


               Session 1:  June 13 – June 29

               Session 2:  July 11 – July 27

               Session 3:  August 8 – August 24


Level 3:   Tuesdays and Thursdays

               1:00 – 2:00


              Session 1:   June 14 – June 30

              Session 2:   July 12 – July 28

              Session 3:   August 9 – August 25


Level 4:  Tuesdays and Thursdays

              2:00 – 3:00      


              Session 1:   June 14 – June 30

              Session 2:   July 12 – July 28

              Session 3:   August 9 – August 25



Cost:      Members:          $72 per session/$15 daily

              Non-members:  $102 per session/$22 daily